AVH Entertainment
 est. 2005

What's Good is a Teen Talk/Lifestyle show, promising to offer insight into the world of multi-cultural Teens ages 13-17 and Tweens ages 8-12. We asked a focus group of 2,000 Teens what they wanted to see in a show and What's Good  as born. Teens want a show that will address issues of concern to them and facilitate discussions on their lifestyle, in addition to entertaining them. The show is scheduled to include high profile entertainers like NEYO and sports figures like DWAYNE WADE. 

Today's Teen is left to direct their energies to shows only focused on entertainment without addressing their social, educational or personal needs. This lack of programming provides an excellent opportunity for What's Good to capture this forgotten market. What's Good will enforce the importance of the youth voice and cultivate a generation of active, responsible and productive citizens.